Perhaps you already have a website. You know you want to improve it, but you’re not really sure where to start or which changes are likely to have the greatest effect. Maybe because you know your website so well you’re no longer able to spot the little details which could be improved.

That’s why we created our website evaluation service. There are plenty of automated services out there which will scan your website and come up with some kind of score, but the automation is also their downfall. Some of these services will mark down your website simply because you don’t have a blog, for example, without being able to first consider whether a blog is suitable for your particular business. Equally, it could mark your website up for having a blog without noticing that the blog isn’t being regularly added to.

Our website evaluations are 100% manual. We take the time to review your website, considering the following aspects:

Clarity of message
Social media
Search engine optimisation
Visitor trends
Website coding
Security considerations

Our report will go into some depth about each of these areas and conclude with a list of suggested action points, enabling you to decide which changes you want to make and how to prioritise them. You’ll be under no obligation to use us for any changes you want to make to your website.